Aimy White

Property Officer

A little about me

Since moving to our area and settling down with her family, Aimy has been keen to get into the cut and thrust of real estate and has comfortably filled the position of Property Officer with us.  A very organised and together individual Aimy is ensuring the behind the scenes essentials for our property management team are all being looked after.

Not many would think it but Aimy is actually a world class ten pin bowler!
Yes, it may be in Aimy’s own little world she considers herself to be the best but the reality is … she can bowl and does so very well.

She has had guest stints in the Pin Pals, rubbed lanes with The Dude and even had a frame or two with Uncle Buck. Aimy had an enforced stint on the sideline though, when having forgotten her spectacles, she mistakenly walked onto the Dodgeball court with her 12 lb pink patterned favourite ball and  … well, it wasn’t pretty.


02 4990 7000


02 4990 7000


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