Hayley Evans

Administrative Assistant

A little about me

Hayley has brought a quirky sense of fun to our office. A happy smiling disposition ensures our customers are never likely to leave without a cheery sense of joy surrounding them thanks to Hayley.

Our minister of all things ‘office’, Hayley not only attends to Reception duties but also looks after all the elements that keep the office functioning on a daily basis.

A dedicated local, Hayley has come to embrace the delights that a Hunter Lifestyle delivers and enjoys nothing more than surfing the ‘big wave’  break at Neath Beach or heading out on a spotlighting expedition for ‘Drop Bears’ and the rare though timid ‘Kanga Walla Fox’.

Hayley loves her pet Yowie which she has named Howie. Cute.


02 4990 7000


02 4990 7000


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