Kayla Roddom

Property Officer

A little about me

Kayla possesses a wonderful, dedicated work ethic that ensures clients and their investment properties are well looked after. Kayla is fortunately blessed with a friendly and considerate demeanor, plus a natural understanding of diplomacy, so that even the most challenging of circumstances are readily resolved.

We are fortunate to have Kayla on our team and the regular receipt of ‘thank you’ letters and emails from clients heralding her efforts is testament to her performance.

As most would recognise, a dust-cover does not a story make. If you listen closely sometimes you may detect a little Nashville twang wrapped up in her dulcet tones. A wannabe Country Music star, Kayla sings, line dances and plays the spoons better than anyone we’ve ever seen. Her lusty renditions of Achy Break Heart (her personal favourite), on a loop, is awe inspiringly and teeth gratingly fascinating all at the same time.


02 4990 7000


02 4990 7000


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