Kristee-Lee Martin

Property Manager

A little about me

A lovely young lady with a tremendous sense of empathy and understanding – which is a wonderful set of qualities for a Property Manager.

Kristee only seems to have one answer to every problem and that is ‘Just do it’. A can do attitude means that her clients have their interests first and foremost in her mind ensuring quality service and exceptional communication.

Kristee thinks nothing of taking on any challenge. The most grueling, testing, heart thumping adventures are met with her ‘I can do this’ mentality. So, when a colleague discovered that she loves to collect ‘rainbows’ …. we began to wonder a little as to what that might mean.

Always one to think outside the square, apparently Kristee is saving them for a rainy day. When asked ‘what’s that all about?’ Kristee explained that her Granddad had told her when she was a little girl that rainbows can make you rich. A piece of the puzzle fell into place when Kristee also confirmed her favourite rainbow colours are ’gold and leprechaun’.


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